It's started with a friendship..


If you ever did it, or if you ever thought about it, you would know that we only leave everything we know for one reason: To discover what it is that truly gives us a sense of sincere joy and freedom.


In 2018, Flo and Max, the co-founders of Friendship Concept, found themselves on a journey of “self-discovery” through traveling. Without a plan, they ended up in Pai, Northern Thailand. Within only a week of arriving and an incredible connection with one of the locals, they abruptly decided to invest in creating a vegetarian restaurant, which is all they really knew about their concept at the time. It all simply started with a strong friendship (why), nothing was planned and it all happened just like that. At the time, this vision was nothing like what you see today.


Max and Flo used to be meat lovers, they especially loved their charcuterie boards (classic French guys). Having a more consciously plant-based diet was never something they were interested in. However, through their travels, they began to become more educated on the impacts the meat industry has on the animals, our planet, and our health. They wanted and needed to make a difference, together. (to address to people like them)


Flo and Max were warned by friends and family that it’s often not a good idea to create a business with a best friend, as it can be like bathing in a tub of mud. However, they already began to create a vision of what they wanted to achieve in the world. They dreamed of developing a restaurant and space that was a hub for meaningful connection, prosperous creativity, and most importantly, openness for a revolutionary way of consuming meaty food, the meatless way.


In the beginning, the development of the restaurant was challenging, had (and still has) its roadblocks, and the process was always changing. The important thing though, was that the vision has always been the driving factor.


The vision is to be able to make a bridge between those who love meat and those who are on plant-based diets, to create the perfect space for those who are willing to try something different, ethical, and sustainable.

At Friendship Concept, we believe that we need to make a change in the world. The meat industry is one of the most polluting industries on the planet, which is highly responsible for the rapid increase of global warming. We believe that one of the best ways to decrease global pollution is to speak directly to the open-minded meat consumers. When we all come together, we truly believe that this is the way of contributing to a changed and evolved world.


So, how are we all going to come together? Through connection. We want everyone that steps into the restaurant to have an incredible experience and create memories, together and individually. We want to live in a world where this can all be done in a more sustainable and ethical environment.


Max and Flo made a commitment to one another that through making this vision become a reality, nothing would get in the way of their friendship. Although it hasn’t always been an easy journey, there has always been strong dedication to creating greater change.


The night that this idea flourished, Max and Flo were connecting with their new Thai friend, Warawut. The three of them spoke about how important it was that they had a name everyone could remember. After several shared laughs and memories, Warawut said, “What about friendship?” Flo and Max absolutely loved it. The three of them held up their glasses and said together, “To Friendship!” As a result, Friendship Concept was born.


We wouldn’t be where we are today if we didn’t have the amazing team of contributors that we have been blessed with since the day we began the project. We also want to thank YOU, our reader, our guest, our friend, our family, for being part of this; because together, we are already changing the world.


And one last thing. If you have a dream, no matter how far-fetched it may feel, just go for it. No one is going to be able to show up and create a better world in the same way that you can. Please, don’t let your dreams slide through your fingers. Tears may arise, doubts could appear, frustration might occur; but, if you are clear of what your dream is, we promise, you will achieve it.



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