Bacon cheeseburger

Get your fingers greasy with this good old American classic. The buns of the Brooklyn burger are stacked with a single patty and double the cheese, to imitate that beefy taste American’s know and love. It’s loaded with two slices of vegan bacon, crispy fried onions, and homemade pickles for that extra crunch, and then topped with yellow mustard and ketchup. It’s the real red, white, and blue burger of the bunch.

The Brooklyn

Step 1 - Choose your patty
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A taste of grilled beef

An American Plant-based meat substitute brand created in 2009. The company's initial products became available world-wide in 2020. Their patties are 100% vegan and the production consumes 96% less energy compared to a beef patty.


What's inside?

Pea • Mung Bean • Fava Bean • Brown Rice Cocoa Butter • Coconut Oil • Sunflower Oil • Canola Oil Calcium • Iron • Salt • Potassium Chloride · Beet Juice Extract • Apple Extract • Natural Flavors · Potato Starch • Methylcellulose (plant fiber derivative)



  • vegan
  • 20g protein
  • gluten free
  • sugar free
  • no GMOS


Per 100gr

Energy 260kcal
Protein 20gr
Fat 18gr


Koh Phangan


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